Why The Prague Crossbody Bag Is Perfect For Travellers

Those of you who are avid travellers will agree with us about the importance and convenience of travelling light. Imagine a full day of sightseeing in sunny Singapore where the sun shines oh-so-brightly. With all that walking under the heat, you’ll definitely want to bring only your essentials out for the day (hint: makeup, ladies!), so as to keep your shoulders free from any extra weight...which is why we designed the Prague Crossbody Bag.

The Prague Crossbody Bag is our answer if you're looking for a bag to carry on a full day of travel and sightseeing! When we designed this particular bag, we wanted to ensure that it checks the following boxes:
  • Roomy enough to store all your essentials such as your phone, portable charger, wallet, keys, sunglasses, light make-up and passport
  • Functional and lightweight
  • Design has to be casual/chic so as to take you from day to night
We're really happy with the outcome of the bag as it really fulfilled all of our requirements. For a start, it’s roomy enough to store all your essentials and despite its looks, it’s actually really lightweight! With all that walking, we also wanted the strap of the bag to sit comfortably on the shoulders, which is why we deliberately designed the bag strap to be thick (many our of customers actually told us that one of the main reasons they bought the bag was because of the thick canvas strap!)

Here’s a peek at what we stuffed in the bag! Yes, even a small water bottle! (Got to stay hydrated, right?)


Functional and practical bag for your travel

"There’s also an external zipper compartment where you may want to keep your hotel key card and train card."



Besides the practical side to this bag, we’re also in love with the design. Mad love for the leather and canvas contrast. With its whipstitch details, all we can say is that this bag is all about class with an edge. Our Prague Crossbody Bag is available in 3 colours - Black, Midnight Blue & Cream.

Last we heard, the Cream is sold out and Black is running low on stock, so you may want to grab them fast!

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