PlaneJane Personalisation Los Angeles Tote Bag

Personalisation is available for items under the PlaneJane collection. To personalise, simply fill up the form while shopping to customise and complete the final look of the item.  

Step 1: Type Your Monogram

Type your name or initials. Get creative. All fonts are available in both uppercase and lowercase. 

Characters are available in: A-Z, a-z, 0-9, "space"and !@#$&*()/|\,.?;:-+

Do take note of each product's maximum number of characters. This is due to the size constraint of the individual item.

Step 2: Select Font

Select Sans Serif, Serif or Cursive. Each typeface provides a different look and feel for the product to suit your preference!

Our font stylist recommends:

- Sans Serif for a casual look

- Serif for a formal and professional look

- Cursive for a fun and outgoing look


Step 2: Select Colour

Depending on the item, you may be able to choose from Blind (no colour), Gold, Silver & Rose Gold.